Sacred Mists Circle Terms of Use
Sacred Mists Circle is the Social Networking Platform for Witches and Wiccans studying in the Sacred Mists Academy.

Terms Of Use Part One

It is understood that a $25 enrollment fee (per Degree) and $25.00 per month tuition is required to enroll, and continue my enrollment, in the College of the Sacred Mists and complete my training. There are no refunds. It is understood that monthly tuitions are only available for PayPal tuition submission subscribers, and that by opting to submit tuitions via Money Order requires semi-annual prepayment of tuition fees. It is understood that each Degree/segment of training is a minimum of a One Year and One Day time requirement. With this tuition you will receive:

Access to our comprehensive Online Wiccan Degree Training for the course you have enrolled in, which will lead you toward Ordination as a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess.

Access to our large and wonderful online Wiccan College Student Communities (very busy and interactive message board mailing lists and chat rooms)

Access to our ever-growing online Book of Shadows.

A personal mentor who will help guide you and provide you with one-on-one assistance as you begin your Path within Sacred Mists.

A beautiful custom Certificate of Degree Attainment, e-mailed to you upon completion of each Degree, from The College of the Sacred Mists which is the teaching extension of the Coven of the Sacred Mists. This gorgeous certificate can be easily printed out on heavy parchment and is suitable for framing.

Homework and Final Exam grading, and personal assistance with lessons and learning to aid your knowledge base and experience.

Online Rituals, Degree Initiations, Study Halls and an array of fun get-togethers and events that take place in our chat rooms and message boards.

Ability to join one or more of our many Student groups, including the Sacred Mists Psychic and Divinatory Alliance, the Sacred Mists Healing Guild, the Sacred Mists Facilitator and Leadership Circle and the Sacred Mists Student Council.

The Sacred Mists Student Newsletter, often comprising over 30 full-color pages in each issue. Downloadable and published at each Sabbat (8 times per year).

Access to our interactive and in-depth extension classes. These are ongoing and inclusive of your tuitions! These classes include subjects such as Tarot, Potion Craft, Candle Making and Magick, Kitchen Witchcraft, Healthy Witches, Reading Room, Scrying, Pendulum Use, Runes, Palmistry, Chakras, Ogham, Astrology, Numerology and many more.

Terms Of Use Part Two

It is understood that no part of these courses, associated literature, documents, emails, or other Sacred Mists proprietary information or authored correspondence may be reproduced in any way, shape or form without the express written permission of the founders of Sacred Mists. This includes printing the pages for use other than your own personal college notebook, copying/pasting them to anywhere, linking to individual pages on our website, placing them in any form within articles or printed material or sharing the information herein on the World Wide Web, etc.